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What You Need to Know When Getting Phone Insurance

When purchasing an expensive smartphone, the first thing that runs through the minds of many is ensuring that your phone will last. The solution? Phone insurance.


Unlike me, don’t be scammed by the various kinds of insurance’s offered by companies! Scammed is a strong word; so better said, make sure you know what you’re purchasing and don’t fall victim to the verbal ambiguity of a sales person.


When I first received my iPhone 4, I went to the AT&T store and asked them for the best insurance that would cover any damage to my phone. Instantly offered to me was their mobile insurance plan. Sounds simple and friendly, right? Boy, are you wrong.


First, you need to pay $6 monthly in order to remain in the service. Once your phone gets damaged and you file a claim, a $200 deductible is required so that your phone can be replaced. Not only are you paying those $6 each time, but you are also losing $200 to top it off. This plan is good for someone forgetful who has a history of losing cell phones; however, if you’re looking just to insure for damage then this can be seen as a gimmick.

The Apple Care Plan is $99 and covers most incidental damage. As stated in this forum, a person was even able to trade in his broken phone for a new one. The price? $50, not $200.  The take away point from this is to make sure you know what you are buying. It can be argued that I should’ve looked into the fine print of the contract when I made the purchase; however, a lesson is best learned when self taught.