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How do vitamins work? [VIDEO]

how do vitamins work

You’ve definitely heard your mom tell you to eat your fruits and vegetables to make sure you get your vitamins, but do you really know what vitamins are and how they work? This short video will tell you the different types of vitamins that our bodies use and will tell you where they are found, how they work, and what might happen if you get too much or too few of them. The main idea is that vitamins are organic compounds that our bodies can’t produce, but are found mainly in fruits and vegetables. Without these vitamins our bodies can’t perform the basic functions related to keeping our internal systems working. For example, scurvy was a common ailment of sailors because they didn’t have access to vitamin C, which is found in fruits. After long periods of not having this vitamin the sailors became sick but after eating a few oranges they quickly got better and were ready to work again. Just like not having vitamins can be bad for you, having too much can be bad too. There are different types of vitamins that our body processes differently, with some being stored in our fat and others digesting throughout systems quickly. After watching this video you should have a good idea of what vitamins do and you may be able to make sure that you get the right amount of the right kinds of vitamins in your diet.