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Top Ways to Make Money Using Social Media

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As a reader of this site we know already know that you spend a fair amount of your time online reading blogs and flipping through social media. What you may not know is that by doing many of the things online you already enjoy that you can make some pretty easy extra cash. Here are my top ways you can get started making money online.

1. Start Blogging!

There are thousands of blogs on literally any topic you can possibly imagine, but the majority of blogs aren’t there just for the pleasure of their readers, there is money to be made! You don’t even have to have your own blog to make money by writing articles about things you know a lot about. Many blogs aggregate articles from freelance authors who submit articles whenever they want for quick cash. If you find that you really enjoy writing blog articles then you can spend a few dollars to buy your own domain and start blogging away on whatever you’re passionate and knowledgeable about. You’d be surprised how easy it is to find an audience just by writing a lot and putting it out there for the world to see. Once you get some readership you can throw ads on your page or work with brand partnerships to make talk about products that may work well with the blog articles you write.

2. Create How-To Videos for Youtube

I use how-to videos all the time when I’m trying something new or just trying to find the best way to do something I’m not very familiar with. Only recently have I noticed just how many views some of these videos have and it dawned on me that these people are making a boatload of extra cash by posing how-to’s! By opting into Youtube’s monetization program you can get paid for each view of your video. You may not be able to quit your dayjob but by throwing up a handful of helpful how-to videos you can make some great passive income every month just from posting the video once.

3. Follow and Use Apps and Brands

This isn’t exactly the same as making money but you can get great benefits and prizes by following the brands and apps you already use and love. For example, I re-tweeted a sponsored hashtag for a brand news site I use all the time and won a free pair of club level tickets to my local basketball team! It took me literally 20 seconds and I was able to lounge in awesome seats that usually cost well over $150 a piece. I enter dozens of contests like this every week and I win way more often than you’d expect simply because people don’t enter. You can get everything from free samples of products to coupons to winning great prizes so why not spend a couple minutes every day browsing contests and giveaways online and enter them all. Somebody has to win so why not you?

4. Join Sharing Sites

You have an apartment or a home but what do you do with it while you’re on vacation? It probably sits empty while you’re paying for a hotel room somewhere right? Well with websites like Airbnb you can rent your home for a few days to a few weeks or more to make extra money while you’re not there. There are dozens of sites now that let you rent your stuff when you aren’t using it or sell your free time to perform tasks for other people. You can rent your bike on spinlister or offer dog sitting services on dogvacay. There are so many opportunities to make extra money with your time and stuff that I can’t list them all here but you can be pretty sure that there is an opportunity out there right now that you can easily take advantage of for some quick and easy extra cash.