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The Power of Saying Thank You [VIDEO]

powerful thank you

Why can it feel so awkward to say thank you to people who do something for you? While you may not feel strange every time to express gratitude at times you may feel that you aren’t sure when or how to express to somebody that you appreciate them. Laura Trice leads this thought provoking discussion with an example of a husband and wife who she counseled who both wanted to be acknowledged and thanked for their efforts in maintaining their family, she wanted to thank her husband for working and being the breadwinner when he had expressed a desire to spend more time at home with the kids and he wanted to tell her how important she was to the home by taking care of the home and kids. The problem was that neither of them knew just how to express their gratitude because they didn’t know when it would be appropriate or how to say it in a real genuine way. Ms. Trice goes in depth into the psychology of saying thank you and how it can help you engage in a more meaningful engagement with family, friends, coworkers and even strangers. When you say thank you to somebody you are giving him or her access to something intimate about you by letting him or her know that they did something that was important to you. It can be daunting to say thank you often but once you do you will notice more what is important to your friends and family and can be a more open and honest person.