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Take a Walking Meeting, Support Your Health

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Most of us picture a meeting as this thing that happens in a conference room, an office, or maybe a coffee shop. The one thing that ties these three places together is that when you go to your meeting you’re sitting down in one place for 20-30 minutes or more. Medical studies recently have shown just how dangerous being sedentary all day can be but if you’re like more office workers you bounce from meeting to meeting and then back to your desk to get your work done and spend nearly all day sitting down. In this short video Nilofer Merchant explains how revolutionary the idea of going on walking meetings has been for her health and her business. By getting up and moving around during a meeting you’ll find you inspire creative thinking while improving your health. The next time you need to have a meeting consider going for a 20-30 minute walk instead of sitting under the fluorescent lights of your conference room and see just how great a walking meeting can be.