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Is Stress A Real Thing? [VIDEO]

is stress a real thing

“Stress kills” is the common refrain amongst most medial professionals. When you’re stressed out you have difficulty making decisions, your heart rate goes up, you might eat unhealthy foods, smoke or drink to take the edge off, or partake in other habits that are bad for you to cope. Stress can have a dramatic impact on both your mental and physical well-being, but it doesn’t have to. You can take steps to reduce the stress in your daily life, but realistically we’re all going to face stressful situations at work and at home occasionally so it just can’t be avoided. According to this video, stress may not be harmful for you if you can take steps to harness stress and use it to your advantage. Some studies have found that believing that stress is bad for you correlated strongly with real negative physical impairments and illness due to stress. However, merely believing that stress was helpful and would better prepare you to take on challenges changed the physically negative response to stress into a positive response mimicking the same physical response as courage. Understanding how stress works and how to recognize stress as helpful can dramatically change the way your body responds to stress and help you mentally attack challenges.