Money Management

Save On Your Disney World Vacation This Summer

You’ve been promising your kids that this is the year your family is going to visit Disney World, or maybe you’ve been before and this is an annual tradition. After you pull the trigger and decide to go to Disney World the costs quickly start to add up. For most of us we have to figure out travel to the park from another state, lodging, food, and then ticket prices to Disney World which now are over $100 per person. The memories you can make on a trip to Disney World really are magical, but with a little careful planning you can end up saving a significant amount of money on your trip and still have a great time.

  1. Dine Strategically

After paying up to get into the park and having countless adventures throughout the day your family is bound to get hungry. Eating at Disney World isn’t a cheap proposition but there are some simple strategies to keep your food costs in the park in check. The food in Disney World really is great so don’t avoid the sit down restaurants entirely to save a little cash. One easy way to enjoy a nice sit down meal for a little less is to aim for your main meal to be lunch. The restaurants in the park have a less expensive lunch menu so plan to have your main meal earlier in the day instead of paying up for a pricier dinner. Another little known fact is that you can bring your own food into the park so long as it doesn’t require cooking. Stock up on small snacks or even bring some lunch foods like cheese, crackers, apples, and other fruit and use one of the many tables in the park for a makeshift picnic. Finally, plan on eating dinner outside of the park. There are tons of great restaurants in the Orlando area that will be much less expensive than eating in the park.

  1. Stay At A Local Hotel

It’s very tempting to stay at a Disney hotel attached to Disney World and in some cases there are deals to be had there. However, before you sign on to staying at a Disney resort take a look around and compare prices for local hotels and resorts. Orlando is now one of the top travel destinations in the United States and there is no shortage of hotel options in and around the Disney World park. Some hotels even offer free shuttle service to the park so you can avoid paying steep parking fees during your visit. Not only can you save money on your room but your hotel may be closer to other local activities and restaurants and could be more convenient than staying at a Disney resort while being cheaper.

  1. Explore Orlando

As I said in my last point, Orlando is a huge travel destination and offers plenty of fun activities outside of the Disney World resort. From miniature golf, to shopping, to nature preserves there is bound to be something that interests your whole family. You can save even more money at local attractions by picking up local coupon books from the chamber of commerce or your hotel lobby. These coupons can provide big savings on activities and restaurants you were going to visit anyway so make sure to take a look before you head out on your daily activities. You can even look at daily deal websites like Groupon and Living Social to find deals on activities and restaurants in the Orlando area. A couple weeks before your trip start looking at these sites every few days and see what stuff pops up. You might be surprised at what you find and just how much you can save!