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The Language of Lying or How To Spot a Liar [VIDEO]

how to spot a liar

You may not believe it, but on an average day you will hear between 10 and 200 lies told to you by friends, family, coworkers, and even complete strangers. This video doesn’t delve into the question of why people lie, but does a great job explaining how liars tell their lies and what we can do to spot them. One theory about lying relies on the way your brain works. Roughly 5% of your brain is responsible for your cognitive function you are aware of, like picking up a glass or telling a story, but 95% of your brain is responsible for the subconscious where you are making connections, learning, being happy or sad. When a person tells a lie, they are creating a story, which takes much more effort than recalling something that actually happened, and because of this they are putting stress on the 5% of their brain that is responsible for their cognitive function. Because of this, there are some simple traits that liars show in their speech as they tell a lie. Knowing the verbal cues for when you are being told a lie can save you from bad investments, trusting somebody you shouldn’t at work, or avoiding a bad relationship with somebody who will lie to you. Give this great video a watch to find out more about how to protect yourself and know when somebody is lying to you.