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Are Comets The Source of Life on Earth? [VIDEO]

are comets source of life on earth

The origins of life on Earth have fascinated humankind for thousands of years. There are many theories of how life may have begun, but new analysis of meteorites and comets have led some scientists to think that they may have found the answer. Comets are large chunks of ice and stardust left over from the creation of our universe. In our solar system we can see comets as they are pulled closer to the sun and begin to melt, creating trail of gas that can be millions of miles long. As these comets orbit the sun they are melting and freezing over and over again which combines the elements in them into new matter. As comets pass by the Earth or collide into us they bring with them these elements. Recent research has found that one of the most common elements in these comet trails are amino acids, which are the basis of DNA. If comets are so full of amino acids, which are the foundation of most organisms, it’s possible that a stray comet could be the source of life on our planet. Similarly, if these comets pass by another planet in another solar system that may be hospitable to life, it could have led to life on that planet as well. It’s a lot to wrap your head around, but it’s incredible to think that the next time you see a comet in the sky it may be on its way to the what may be another earth many millions of miles away.