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Back to School Technology Essentials – Business Student

The Business Student

For the typical college business student, their demands are typically greater than the average student.  This is because the laptop has to be able to run a fair number of business software packages as well as serve as a durable computer.  Generally, this type of computer would ideally be durable, have sufficient power, and have a fairly high build quality.  However, these computers are not inexpensive.  Typically, they cost around $800-$1000, potentially more depending on the feature set.  The potential smartphone and/or tablet that a typical business student may get is not better than the budget student, but we will highlight a few smartphones and tablets to consider in addition.


Lenovo T430

The Lenovo T430 is the latest Thinkpad tablet that has become a staple in the business community.  Although it may not have the stylings of other laptops, it is a durable laptop that is made for heavy duty use.  Furthermore, the extra benefit with this laptop is that many Business school technology centers are familiar with this laptop.  As a result, this is probably the best go to business laptop out there.

Apple Macbook Pro

The Apple Macbook Pro is a staple of many college students.  However, the problem is that Business schools requires a computer running Windows because many business software are Windows-specific.  Therefore, a Macbook Pro user will have to install Windows 7 or 8 on their computer, which is an additional expense on top of the purchase price of the Macbook.

Dell Latitude 3330

Even with the preeminence of Thinkpads among business computers, Dell business laptops are still highly important.  The Dell Latitude 3330 presents a fairly inexpensive ultrabook business laptops.  It also offers the connectivity of Dell’s docking solutions.  However, it is limited in the component customization options compared to the other laptops listed here.  If you are a business student on a budget, the Dell Latitutde 3330 is a good place to start.

Microsoft Surface Pro

The Microsoft Surface Pro is the best combination of Windows 8 PC and Tablet on the market.  This is due to the combination of its size and power.  However, it is probably one of the more expensive PCs on the market with a total cost of $900 for both the tablet and the type/touch cover.  Furthermore, its storage space and battery life is fairly limited.

Smartphones and Tablets

Beyond the smartphones and tablets mentioned in the Budget category, here are a few other options to consider:


The HTC One has been the best designed Android smartphone thus far this year.  Furthermore, its 4.7 inch screen size is not too big, so it certainly more portable.  If you are looking for an Android business phone, the HTC One has the combination of design, performance, and size to fit your needs.

Apple iPhone 5

The iPhone 5 has the strongest app store behind it, excellent battery life, and the ability to link with your pre-existing Apple account information.  The last part is probably the greatest draw of the iPhone 5 for Business users as it will allow Macbook owners to link their calendars with their iPhone.  However, it would probably be smart to wait for the iPhone 5S to come out before buying a new iPhone 5.

Apple iPad

The same draws for the iPhone 5 apply to the iPad as well.  It has the best tablet app store, the ability to tap into the Apple ecosystem, and it is a well designed, highly functional tablet.  However, like the iPhone 5, it would be smart to wait for a new iPad as the current one is due for a refresh.

Google Nexus 10

The Google Nexus 10 is the most powerful android tablet currently on the market.  It has a transcendent screen that is better than Apple’s retina displays and packs enough power to be able to fully utilize Android’s capabilities.  Furthermore, it is priced fairly inexpensively.

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