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14 Things That Successful People Don’t Do

unhealthy habits to avoid

There are hundreds of articles and books about the habits that successful people subscribe to that helped them to become a success and stay on top of their game. But what about the things that successful people avoid that helps to make them successful? For every habit that a successful person does that helps them there is something they avoid that is equally as helpful. Below are the top things that successful people avoid at all costs to keep them on top of their game.

1. They don’t forget about their health

 To be successful you have to work very hard and that can take long hours and some pretty unhealthy business meals along the way. To stay at the top they don’t forget that their health is paramount to their success. Successful people take time to exercise and plan to generally eat healthy even if they splurge on a steak after closing a big deal.

2. They don’t play the victim

 When successful people have something bad happen to them because of somebody else making a bad decision, they don’t slip into negative thinking. Successful people know that being negative can hold you back from taking a bad situation and leanring what to do better next time. Staying positive and forward thinking is at the core of every successful person’s mind so give it a shot and stay positive.

3. They don’t get stuck on problems

A core element of being successful is to attack problems systematically. When you are faced with a problem or setback, you may feel overwhelmed or have trouble making decisions, which is a natural reaction. However, successful people have trained themselves to break problems down into smaller pieces that can be checked off one at a time which will add up to solve their larger issue. By focusing on problems as a series of smaller decisions you have to make you can get through the toughest of issues without getting bogged down.

4. They avoid negativity like the plague

 You might have noticed that the first three of these habits revolve around a successful person’s attitude. Attitude really is everything for a successful person and they don’t waste time hanging around negative people. When they are faced with somebody who is negative they know that this person might also be prone to procrastination, blaming others, and not being forward thinking so they cut these people out and find positive people to surround themselves with.

5. They don’t think success is related to wealth

 Successful people view success in terms of the big picture, where it’s not how much you make but how much you enjoy your life. Grinding through long hours working on hard things only to go home to a big house and be miserable isn’t the goal. Successful people take a holistic approach to how they view success where each step they take is going to allow them to more productive, enjoy more time with their families, and contribute more to society.

6. They never stop learning

 Without knowledge you are going to have a tough time becoming successful. Most successful people are experts in something, whether it’s science, math, arts, or being an expert manager, they know how to do something and do it well. They also know that the world changes quickly and they need to stay on top of their field by learning constantly. They also choose to learn about the world around them and not just focus on work related learning.

7. They never set ambiguous goals

 Successful people know what they’re working for and know that not setting specific goals they are at risk of drifting from the task at hand. They know that there is one thing they’re working towards and it can be broken down into smaller pieces. For example, Mark Zuckerberg’s goal has always been to connect the world and each smaller goal he sets is to get him closer to that overarching goal.

8. They don’t wait on big decisions

 When faced with a big decision successful people don’t procrastinate, they immediately begin to assess what their options are. They know that taking care of big issues quickly is important because it will free them up to work on the numerous other tasks they have to finish.

9. They never make excuses

 Successful people are positive, they are self critical, and they know how to assess their strengths and weaknesses when something fails. They understand that sometimes things are totally out of their control, a storm knocking causing a delay in shipping for example, but they also know that their attitude and how they deal with these kinds of situations will determine how quickly they can resolve the issue. They don’t simply make an excuse and then wait for it to get better, they look for a solution that can fix the problem now.

10. They don’t forget to have fun

 The whole point of being successful is to give yourself more time to do fun stuff! Successful people don’t spend all of their time worrying about work, they know when to take a break and enjoy themselves. Go ahead and take time to do something fun, even for just an afternoon, and you can come back to work ready to work ready to work harder and be even more successful.

 11. They avoid lack of purpose for each day

 We’ve already discussed how successful people break down a large goal into smaller parts, but they also break down their day into smaller parts and plan each one with purpose. At the beginning of each day, or the night before, they make a list of the items they must complete that day and then prioritize by things that are hardest to easiest and plan their day so that they can take care of each item. Typically, you’re at your best early in the morning so plan to work on your hardest item right away and then move into less complicated tasks.

12. They don’t get jealous

 Jealousy is a tough emotion to beat, but successful people know that being jealous of somebody else’s success doesn’t do any good. They view the world as being full of possibilities to succeed and when somebody else does well at something it doesn’t mean that the successful person can’t also get a win on their own project. Successful people are outgoing and view things in positive terms and understand that being jealous is a negative reaction that will drag them down and hold them back so they avoid it.

13. They don’t flip-flop

 A successful person may reverse course on a plan of action after they’ve tried everything to make their project successful, but they do not flip-flop easily. When faced with a problem a successful person will analyze their options and then make a decision and move forward quickly. They don’t hesitate or wonder what would have happened if they had taken the other path. Once you make a decision, you need to stick to it and run the full course of your plan until there is no other option but to choose another course.

14. They don’t take their family for granted

 Being successful is hard work and it’s even harder to do by yourself. Successful people rely on their loved ones to give them support when they need it and it can be easy to rely on them without giving thanks. It’s important to express gratitude to your loved ones who have helped you to become successful and at the same time understand that the reason you are working hard is to help your family.